....In 2006, I received a substantial research grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities
Research Council of Canada for a project entitled "The Emergence of New Sexualities in
France between 1870 and 1900". The objective of this project is to study how social, political,
literary and medical discourses on sexuality intersected during the pre-Freudian years at the
end of the nineteenth-century in France. The work of Dr Jean-Martin Charcot is a particular
focus of the project.

....To date, my publications and conference papers in the field of psychoanalysis have dealt
with the theories of Julia Kristeva, psychoanalysis and democracy, Michel Foucault's attitude
toward psychoanalysis, the philosophy of dialogism and psychoanalysis, and the role of
animals in the work of Freud and Lacan. A complete list of my publications and papers can be
found on the webpage of the University of Guelph. (www.uoguelph.ca)